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“Development Project of Hanuman birth place, on the basis of Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir”

Hanuman Janmsthan Sanstha, Anjeneri Parvat, Trembakeshwar

In our Hindu Rashtra Lord Hanuman, known as Maruti, Bajrangbali,
Maharudra, Anjanisut, Pavanputra, and a devout follower of Prabhu Shri
Ramchandra, was born at Anjaneri Mountain, in proximity to the globally renowned
Trimbakeshwar Jyotirling. This sacred location, situated in the holy city of Nashik
along the Godavari River, where the Sinhashta Kumbh Mela of Sadhus held in every 12 years.

In Ramayana, maximum incidents of Ram- Sita- Laxman- Jatayu-
Shurpnakha- Ravana, occurred at Nashik Panchavati.

Anjaneri Mountain stands as the sole birthplace of Lord Hanuman on the
entire surface of the earth, supported by spiritual, mythological, and geographical
evidence. Sacred Hindu scriptures like Trambak Mahatmya, Gautami Mahatmya,
Navnath Bhaktisara, among others, also validate the significance of this divine site of Anjneri Mountain.
Lord Hanuman is god of supreme power of strength, symbolizing intelligence,
commitment, bravery, humility, and unity. He stands as an immortal eternal active
energy in the universe. As per the Ramayana, aiding in the establishment of Dharma.
Lord Hanuman also help to Lord Shani Dev and other deities time to time. All the
devotees of Lord Hanuman’s all over the world has fervently expressed the desire for
the full-scale development of the birth place of Lord Hanuman at Anjaneri Mountain.
Since past twelve years, Hanuman Janmasthan Sanstha, has been dedicatedly
working on The Hanuman Birthplace Development Project. The objective is to
transform this sacred anjneri mountain site into a world-class pilgrimage destination,
showcasing the rich cultural and spiritual heritage associated with Lord Hanuman.
The comprehensive development plan as follows

The Significance of Hanuman Janmasthan Anjaneri: Addressing Developmental Gaps in Nashik

Hanuman Janmasthan Anjaneri, located in the picturesque city of Nashik, holds profound cultural and historical significance. It is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman, a revered deity in Hinduism known for his unwavering devotion and strength. While the sacred site is a source of spiritual inspiration, it also serves as a focal point for addressing developmental gaps and uplifting the surrounding community.

Historical and Cultural Significance:

Hanuman Janmasthan Anjaneri is steeped in mythology and history, attracting devotees and historians alike. According to the Ramayana, Lord Hanuman was born to Anjana and Kesari on the Anjaneri mountain. Pilgrims from across the country visit this sacred spot to pay homage to the deity and seek blessings. The site’s rich cultural heritage contributes to the spiritual fabric of Nashik.

Vikasa Pasun Vanchit – Addressing Developmental Gaps:

Despite its spiritual significance, the area around Hanuman Janmasthan Anjaneri may face developmental challenges that impact the local community. The term “Vikasa Pasun Vanchit” refers to unfulfilled development needs that the community may experience. It becomes crucial to address these gaps to ensure holistic growth.

  1. Infrastructure Development:
    • Improve road connectivity to facilitate easier access for pilgrims and tourists.
    • Enhance basic amenities such as water supply, sanitation, and electricity in the surrounding areas.
  2. Economic Empowerment:
    • Promote local businesses by creating platforms for artisans and entrepreneurs.
    • Develop sustainable tourism initiatives to generate income for the local population.
  3. Education and Skill Development:
    • Establish educational institutions to uplift the literacy rate in the region.
    • Implement skill development programs to empower the youth with employable skills.
  4. Healthcare Services:
    • Set up healthcare facilities to ensure the well-being of the community.
    • Conduct health awareness programs to promote preventive healthcare practices.

Community Engagement and Collaboration:

The key to addressing developmental gaps lies in fostering collaboration between the local community, government bodies, and non-profit organizations. Establishing a comprehensive development plan that includes input from all stakeholders ensures sustainable and inclusive growth.

Preserving Cultural Heritage:

While implementing development initiatives, it is crucial to preserve the cultural and historical heritage of the region. Balancing progress with the conservation of sacred sites and traditions will contribute to the overall well-being of the community.


Hanuman Janmasthan Anjaneri serves as a beacon of spiritual strength, and its surroundings have the potential for positive transformation. By addressing developmental gaps through strategic planning, community engagement, and cultural preservation, Nashik can not only enhance the pilgrimage experience but also create a more vibrant and prosperous local community. This holistic approach ensures that the legacy of Hanuman Janmasthan Anjaneri continues to inspire generations while fostering sustainable development.

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